The Shropshire Chamber relationships with our Patrons and members is paramount, but don’t just take our word for it.

| Chamber Member

“The issue that I was dealing with at the time was extremely frustrating and it didn’t help when I was originally turned down for my claim. Several discussions later and clarification of the small print, my claim was accepted. Without this cover, I was looking at potential costs to defend this case of between 7K and 10K.

A very strong member benefit and I will definitely be paying my Chamber membership subscription forever!”

Chamber Member, Telford

| Hunter Bevan

“As long-standing members of Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Hunter Bevan value the benefits of membership highly. The network clubs have been particularly beneficial in promoting our business over the last 20 years, and we have made significant client wins, not only from people ‘in the room’, but from referrals to their wider contacts. Chamber membership has given us a higher profile in the business community through speaking at events, exhibiting at Chamber Expos and being Featured in ‘Business Matters’ magazine. I would encourage every business to join the Chamber and make use of the wide range of benefits that membership brings.”

Neil Bevan, Director




| Salt Solutions

“I have been a member of Shropshire Chamber for almost 10yrs and a member of the Shrewsbury and Oswestry networking clubs for almost as long. Being able to keep up to date with business activities and events in the local area coupled with making use of the extensive business network that Shropshire Chamber provides has been the basis upon which much of my business has been built. If used properly, the membership pays for itself and the additional member benefits make it a more than ‘viable’ expenditure for even the smallest of businesses.”

Heather Noble, Director




 | RTFQ-ATFQ Limited

“I attended the Professionals Partnership today and the presentation gave a useful insight into mental health from two experienced professionals.”

Richard Moreland, Director



| 7video – Patron Member


“We have enjoyed being Patrons of the Chamber for a number of years now. From Breakfast clubs, Expos and the Business Awards, all have provided a great deal of networking opportunities for us and it is great to be part of the Chamber and in turn the Shropshire business community.”

Peter Sims, Managing Director

| chrisbeon – Patron Member


“I would definitely recommend joining Shropshire Chamber. For our business it’s been great, so if you need to get your name, face and business known, I don’t think there is a better way of doing it locally.”

Richard Hughes, Partner





| Stallion AI


“Jump in, it’s been great for us. I wished we had joined 10 years ago. It’s had huge benefits for us.

“Loads of different breakfast meetings, seminars, all the things they’re trying to put on to get people to network, to come together.

“They are there to help businesses prosper and flourish in Shropshire.”

Tullis Matson, Managing Director








| Bridgnorth Aluminium


“The two main benefits and key drivers for us becoming a Member, were the many networking opportunities which have since enabled us to form some invaluable relationships with other local businesses and potentially some fantastic future partnerships. The other benefit, is the increased exposure we receive via trade publications.”

Charlotte Palmer-Hollinshead, Marketing Coordinator

| Zen Communications – Patron Member


“The Shropshire Chamber team is passionate about helping support businesses of all shapes and sizes to flourish by providing them with a strong voice and services for operations, from HR right the way through to employment law. Zen has been a proud Member and Patron of the Chamber for many years and we’d highly recommend them.”

Felicity Wingrove, Managing Director

| Ascendancy Internet Marketing


“The opportunities that have been opened up to us by being members of the Chamber have been instrumental in helping us grow our business over the last 13 years.”

Helen Culshaw-Mitchell, Director

| Fabdec


“The awards were a great opportunity to showcase what we do to the wider business world, and the entire team here at Fabdec was thrilled to win the Best Manufacturer Award at the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards 2018. The positive awareness we have received since announcing our win has been fantastic.

Chris Powell, Managing Director

| Shropshire Festivals


“The key driver for us becoming a member of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce was the networking events that we would be involved in. The wide range of different events are a real bonus for us, as we can choose the events which fit around our other commitments. Our business relies on sponsors and we often find that other members and patrons of the Chamber are more than happy to get involved, either through sponsoring us directly or referring us to their own contacts. Without them we simply wouldn’t be able to continue creating such wonderful events for the people of Shropshire. The support we receive is fantastic and we wanted to be able to pay that back to other businesses in the county, and being a member allows us to do that.”

Beth Heath, Director

| The Shrewsbury Club – Patron Member


“We have been a Patron of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce for just over a year now, and a Member for two further years, and the benefits have been invaluable. We not only attend a number of networking events, but we also host them, and the strong relationships we have subsequently built with local businesses has meant that we have been able to bring new sponsors on board. As a Patron, the monthly forum is instrumental in driving our business forward with the opportunity to give and receive feedback alongside other patrons.
Joining the Chamber has become an integral part of who we are in the community and the more we work with the Chamber, the more rewarding the membership becomes, it is a true partnership.”

Jon Gidney, Marketing Manager

| Salop Design and Engineering


“As a Member we benefit from a whole host of services to assist us in our continued growth and innovation, including having access to networking events and key calendar events across the year such as the Shropshire Business Awards. We connect with members to spearhead and encourage positive change across the region, benefiting not just the wider business community, but the social and economic landscape in Shropshire and beyond.”

Christopher Greenough, Commercial Director

| HR Dept Shropshire


“Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how pleased I am that I have renewed my Shropshire Chamber of Commerce membership for the HR Dept Shropshire.

“The membership renewal process was very easy and I really felt valued as a ‘customer’.  I was given information on not just the various options, but what I had spent on events and networking over the last year; allowing me to make an informed choice when it came time to renew.  I’m pleased to advise that I have upgraded!

“So just wanted to thank you and your team for all the support and advice that you have given me in my first year; I am always happy to promote the Chamber of Commerce as the premier business organisation in the County.”

Níamh Kelly, Director

| Welshpool Printing Group – Patron Member

” We have been Chamber members for 11 years.

“Our sales team go out and network on a regular basis with other Chamber members and it has proven a great gateway into Shropshire.

“Being a member of the Chamber is very good business sense as it allows you to network and build your business.”

Paul Jones, Managing Director