It’s vitally important for companies to keep up to date with the legislation, procedures and the many rules and regulations they need to comply with to ensure the smooth running of a successful business involved in imports and exports.

The chamber is keen to support businesses across Shropshire and the surrounding areas in any way it can and hosted a Customs Compliance Audit with International Training Courses programme aimed at helping companies meet their obligations. The feedback we received as a result has been positive.

One local business who took part was Mist-Air Dust Suppression Limited, based close to Oswestry - a leader in dust suppression and odour absorption technology.

The company’s Steve Haynes took part in the programme and here is what he had to say about it:

Q: What help did you need from Shropshire Chamber of Commerce?

Steve: “The purpose of the audit was to take advantage of a free offer from Shropshire Chamber of Commerce to assess Mist-Air Dust Suppression Limited’s preparation for import and export documentational expectation at customs.”

Q: What impact did the audit have on your business?

Steve: “This was an excellent audit and has opened up a number of areas that the business will need to consider.

“The big wins were the requirement of two procedures, setting up records and a mechanism for checking commodity codes plus talking to our one and only direct importer.

“Overall, both Nick and Steve were excellent and I cannot praise them enough. It was a really worthwhile exercise that was presented well and was ultimately very useful to the business, giving us a measure of conformance confidence.

Both Dave and I were impressed!”