Despite the COVID-19 crisis affecting our finances, 9 out of 10 adults find it hard to talk about money. Shropshire’s and Telford & Wrekin’s not-for-profit savings and loans cooperative Just Credit Union is encouraging people to discuss managing money.

Talk Money Week 2020 will take place on November 9-13 and Just Credit Union is encouraging people to talk about money from pocket money right through to pensions. The week also celebrate the work done by thousands of organisations, including credit unions, to build financial wellbeing across the country.

Karen Farrow, Chief Officer of Just Credit Union, said today: “Improving the county’s financial well-being is core to all our activities. Talking openly about money is vitally important for our health, wealth and relationships.
“The effect of Covid-19 has made it more important than ever to start conversations about money. Research shows that people who talk about money make better and less risky financial decisions, have stronger personal relationships, and feel less stressed and more in control.

“Financial wellbeing is about feeling secure and in control. It is knowing that you can pay the bills today, deal with the unexpected and are on track for a healthy financial future.

“In short, confident and empowered. Just Credit Union is determined to do all it can to help those who live or work in our county achieve this.”
Just Credit Union will be working with partners, including community groups, schools, and employers to spread the word.

Said Karen: “You might feel stressed about the idea of having conversations about money, so we will be sharing lots of hints and tips during the week.
“This will help people to prepare for, start and have these conversations whether with children, partners or friends. We will also be providing access to sources of free advice and guidance about managing your money.”

She added: “You don’t need to wait for a serious situation which requires urgent action to start! You can get started today! Follow our Facebook page or visit our website and let’s get Talking About Money.”