Family-run HR Consultancy Employment Law Solutions’ founder, Alf Murphy was appointed to the Upper Tribunal (Information Rights) on 17th September 2020. This comes on top of his appointment to the Employment Tribunal in January of this year.

The appointment is a huge honour and a testament to Alf's hard-work, dedication and understanding of the law. He will sit as one of three Tribunal Members deciding a range of cases concerning Information Rights as well as complex Employment Tribunal cases. But it is not just good news for Alf; it is fantastic news for clients of Employment Law Solutions.

Alf's appointment represents a chance to understand how employment law is being interpreted and applied in the Employment Tribunals. In his role he will be working on the front-line where the decision-making takes place - every minute of which will bolster and boost the already high standard at Employment Law Solutions. Increasing their knowledge of how the Employment Tribunals apply the law and how the Information Rights Tribunal apply the General Data Protection Regulations.

Alf, who’s known for his client-centric, no-nonsense legal support style, will be holding this new position as he continues his work at Employment Law Solutions, his judicial appointments are part time positions and he will be on the phone and emails ready to advise any clients. To avoid any conflict of interest he will not be presiding over any case involving the firm’s clients.

“I’m honoured to have been given this opportunity. I will be assisting in the decision-making process in some of the most complex cases, including discrimination. These are important decision and ones which all employers and their advisors need to learn from to protect themselves and remain legally compliant."

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