What have you got booked over the next few months? Maybe you have some spare time over the summer to plan some training in for you and your team.

Phil Bradley, recently taught this eager team about The Psychology of Selling.

With a mixture of newcomers and some familiar faces, attendees had nothing but praise for the course, with everyone marking Phil’s ability and knowledge as a trainer as “Excellent!”

Read more about what they had to say…

There were some great tips and advice in terms of structure, listening and nurturing clients. Phil was a fantastic instructor, I would definitely recommend.”
Luke Smith, Aviramp

“I have a lot of techniques to take away and apply to my day to day sales calles/ visits. Listening skills will be important to remember. I will also be doing a top 20% of customers appraisal!”
Elliott Coulson, Agritel

“I learned to listen, to speak less, a personal approach to sales and making the customer/client trust you.”
Adam Tudor, ETSTrusses

“I learned how to better compose myself in meetings, reduce technical talk and listen more, and help start in business development for my organisation.”
Jay Snookes, Ascendancy Agency

Really enjoyed the course, it was easy to understand Phil. All questions were answered and he made sure we all understood.”
Claire Lockhem, Aviramp

Thanks so much to Phil for hosting such a great session.

Want to improve your selling skills? The Psychology of Selling course will be back in Shropshire in November.