Jane Robson and Antony Steadman are among those who have already taken advantage of the college’s HGV training programmes. They are pictured with Telford College principal Graham Guest

Telford College has launched a new series of ‘Skills Bootcamps’ to help train up a fresh generation of HGV drivers.

The college is offering seven different HGV training pathways as part of the Government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, which is designed to help everyone gain ‘skills for life’.

They include ‘back to wheels’ refresher programmes to help drivers return to previous roles, opportunities for existing drivers to upskill and upgrade, and a choice of ‘novice to category C’ programmes for newcomers to the sector.

The Skills Bootcamps are open to both employed and unemployed adults. Full details of the seven different pathways on offer through Telford College can be found at telfordcollege.ac.uk/skills-bootcamps

Claire Barker, Telford College’s assistant principal for employer engagement and skills, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to help deliver these important and timely programmes.

“Skills Bootcamps are flexible courses of up to 16 weeks, giving people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track to an interview with a local employer.

“They are being delivered in partnership with employers, providers and local authorities, to help people gain skills for life, support skills demands in their local area, and ultimately to help people get a better job.

“There is a task to raise awareness, understanding and uptake of these exciting new courses – we want to work with the public, employers and stakeholders to build some real momentum around this innovative reskilling model.”

The HGV Skills Bootcamps build on Telford College’s already established Sector-Based Work Academies which are already up and running in partnership with employers and driver training agencies.

The free courses are available to anyone over the age of 19 who is actively seeking employment, and in receipt of either universal credit or jobseekers’ allowance.

Claire said Telford College was committed to doing everything possible to solve problems caused by a lack of qualified drivers which is causing serious disruption to the UK’s logistics and delivery chains.