Reacting to news of the changes, James Martin, Director of Policy at the BCC, said:

The decision to simplify the traffic light system in England will be very welcome news for businesses in the travel sector and beyond. 

Hopefully this new regime will provide everyone with the confidence and clarity needed after so much uncertainty.

Firms will also be pleased to see the changes in the testing system which should substantially reduce the costs which have been a significant barrier for both business and leisure travellers.

“Overseas market access is key for many firms and these changes should help boost the two-way flow of people and freight which is so vital for commerce.  Businesses have been cut off from some overseas customers and suppliers for more than 18 months and they urgently need to reconnect.

More firms will be able to cultivate new business relationships, which can help power the UK’s economic recovery. 

But it is also vital that government takes steps to protect the country’s airport capacity, so it can begin to flourish again after such a prolonged period of isolation.

Providing a 12-month Business Rates holiday and reinstating VAT rebate scheme for the sector should be considered immediately to ensure our airports remain viable.”