Free Webinar | 08 December 2020 | 10:00-11:00 GMT

Join this interactive and informative webinar for an opportunity to learn new skills from an e-commerce expert! We want to equip you with the knowledge to successfully implement a suitable, sustainable and scalable e-commerce presence for your business...

During recent times e-commerce has become a fundamental part of our everyday life the world over - this isn’t something that has happened overnight. With more tools, platforms and capabilities than ever before the world of e-commerce is filled with information of what’s “best”.

We will give you free and impartial advice for you to scope, tender and implement e-commerce within your business, with confidence that you have the features, tools and support, in your chosen platform, required now and in the future.

Is this session suitable for me? Are you looking to bring e-commerce into your business or perhaps don’t believe it is a viable option for you? If so, this webinar has been created for you. We will also cover the questions you need to ask whilst scoping for an e-commerce project.

Does a B2B business even need e-commerce? YES! More than ever the internet is being used as a tool to source and purchase products in traditional B2B markets. With e-commerce being normalised by many individuals for personal purchases, it is vital to make the same seamless, efficient and immediate purchasing option available for commercial purchases

What will be covered? 

How to make eCommerce work for your business:


• eCommerce Options
• Balancing wants and needs
• What you need to think about when scoping for a website


• How to stand the test of time
• Choosing a pathway to international success
• Internal resources required


• Fitting your site to your business in the future

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