The British Chambers of Commerce's Workplace Training and Development Commission has published its progress report, including initial recommendations for addressing critical skill shortages in the UK workforce.

The Commission's inquiry, launched as part of the BCC's People Campaign, is researching the barriers and opportunities for business investment in workplace training and development, for adults over the age of 25, and at all skill levels.

The inquiry seeks to understand the extent to which businesses are actively planning to address skills shortages - and adapt to changes in technology and automation - and how employers can be better incentivised and supported to invest more in people development.

The Commissioners are influential thinkers and leaders in the skills arena, and are helping to develop a range of objective policy solutions over the medium and long-term.

Solutions identified so far include:

  • A greater focus on the needs of adult learners and less emphasis on full qualifications
  • New ways of funding training
  • Helping businesses to identify, articulate and plan for skills needs.
  • The importance of place-based skills planning and delivery

Commenting on the publication of the progress report, BCC Co-Executive Director Hannah Essex said:

"Employers understand the importance of developing the skills of adults in the workplace to ensure they are effective in their role and contribute to the success of the business.  But we need greater flexibility in the skills system - with the right balance of formal qualifications, bite-sized training - and more agile delivery."

Read a full copy of the Commission's progress report here.

The Commission is welcoming thoughts on its progress to date, examples of best practice and other solutions for the Commission to explore as it works towards its final report to be published in the Autumn. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 25 September 2020.