The Chamber Champion awards is a hugely positive event bringing the community together to celebrate in a time when it is needed most. Being the Digital sponsor for these awards is a great privilege to showcase our innovative digital crime analytical app; Intex247.

Intex247 is your complete business protection tool. It’s made with your community in mind, giving you the support, confidence and information you need to manage risk, prevent crime and handle any business interruptions in your local area.

It’s collaborative & community-focused; meaning you’ll benefit from the experiences of others using Intex247, they’ll benefit from yours, as well as input from local organisations and emergency services.

Intex247 is completed by four main benefits, the app – being your ‘Bobby on the beat’, putting the safety of your business in your hands. On-site support through an initial risk audit, along with an optional discreet live security camera on your premises. Your local Community Engagement Executive, offering support along your journey with us, and lastly our on the ground expert back-up security vehicles and specially trained officers – who will be with you within the hour, should you need them. All features intertwine offering you complete business protection, security, and reassurance.

Intex247 is developed by Expeditious Services.  Expeditious has grown to be the leading independent provider of pioneering business protection to Blue Chip companies, government organisations, facilities management, aviation, retail and critical infrastructure sectors. Doing things the ‘Expeditious way’ means being led by you, enterprising to meet your requirements, consistently delivering exceptional results within the security industry. Our services are supported by unique technology and revolutionary business models; transforming the traditional and delivering the resilient expert support you deserve. Expeditious are the nuts and bolts behind Intex247.

We look forward to being part of the Shropshire digital community.