WPG’s pursuit towards a lower carbon footprint is on the increase with sights set high this year.

The locally based printing company is continuously looking at ways to help the environment and are always looking for high quality, environmentally friendly materials & processes.

The last few years have seen WPG’s product range increase hugely with the addition of clothing, trophies and promotional products added to the range of services. It was important to the management that all these services also offered sustainable options, from eco-friendly workwear & sustainable bamboo awards to recycled cotton totes and reusable coffee cups, the selection is huge and growing all the time.

Ian Jones, joint MD says

“Our customers are often pleasantly surprised that we can supply sustainable products and eco-friendly clothing. We like that we can give that option for our customers and are really happy to see this thrive. We are even currently looking into a recycling service for end of life workwear, watch this space for news on this . . .”

Carbon Balanced Print

WPG have been offering carbon balanced printing for a while now but this year they want to increase the uptake of this by making sure more and more people are made aware of the benefits of it.

Paul Jones, joint MD says

“We have balanced over 52,000kg of Carbon Dioxide, which has preserved over 15,000 m² of forest. We want to massively increase this area by reducing our own and our customer’s carbon footprint, even more!

“With so much focus now on global warming, we are all looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Being able to offset our carbon impact in this way is a great way to play our part. One of our customers even orders their copier paper through us so that they can have everything carbon balanced.”

By choosing to carbon balance your print with WPG, you will be helping to preserve woodlands & forests, regenerate damaged areas of habitat and help preserve endangered ecosystems.

The Science Behind Carbon Balancing

Removing greenhouse gases is naturally achieved through planting trees and good land management, this increases the amount of carbon sequestered into soil. This simple yet effective project is backed by Sir David Attenborough and supported by many leading scientists.

WPG can calculate the amount of CO2 you have balanced and the area of land you have helped protect throughout the year and issue you with a certificate that you can share and display. They can also provide a logo that can be added to your artwork to demonstrate your environmentally friendly choices to your customers.

We have all become familiar with the FSC logo on many products, WPG have achieved FSC Chain of Custody certification. This means you can choose a paper that you know has been sourced from responsibly managed forests and you can display a unique FSC logo on your printed products.

If reducing your carbon footprint with your print is of interest to you, talk to the team at WPG – they have all the information you need.