Branding has evolved into something so much more than just your logo and colour scheme, it represents your company's ethos, passion, attitudes etc; it’s the first thing clients or customers react to.

Your branding gives a true insight into who you are and why you do what you do, but if you don’t know these things then this will never be clear to your potential clients or customers.

Ask yourself:

1. Is your brand owning its unique space in the market?

2.Are you 100% clear on your ‘why’?

3. Is your brand positioning focused?

4. Have you nailed your tone of voice?

5. Do any of these questions actually mean anything to you?

We at Design By Country understand these can be hard questions to figure out, and a huge part of our company is dedicated to making sure you can have your brand positioning spot on. So if it’s a big NO to number 5, let’s work out the answers together and find out how you can push your brand to be it’s best.

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