What you need to know about the impact of BrainRx brain training on past clients with:
Traumatic Brain Injuries

Strong cognitive skills make life easier.

Many victims of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) experience changes in cognitive performance, leaving victims and their families struggling with what to do next.

While we do not diagnose or treat TBI, our programs have improved cognitive performance for clients with many diagnoses, including TBI. Over a six-year period, 273 children and adults came diagnosed with TBIs. We measured the cognitive skills of these clients before and after brain training.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Among 273 clients with TBI, the mean age was 25 years, and the largest gains were seen in long-term memory, IQ, auditory processing, and broad attention.
  • Long-term memory skills improved an average of 24 percentile points following brain training.
  • IQ scores improved by an average of 10 standard points after brain training.