Verve has recently become a member of Shropshire for Good, a branch of UK for Good.


UK for Good began in Cheshire, when Cheshire for Good was set up to inform, inspire and enable forward-thinking business leaders to better understand and improve their impact on their people, communities and the planet.


UK for Good work in partnership with local businesses, public organisations, business networks, and educational institutions, to shape a cleaner, greener, fairer future for all. They have now set up branches for each region as the demand for local businesses to join UK for Good was obvious.


As Verve is already a B Corporation Business, the chance to join Shropshire for Good made sense, an opportunity to build relationships with like minded businesses and to enable Verve to offer their services to businesses that might be looking for a supplier that believes in a greener, more sustainable future, and makes business choices to reflect this.


Shropshire for Good organise monthly online meetings where discussions are held about what businesses can do to help the planet, and what actions they can take that will make a difference. Speakers from businesses that are already taking these steps help others that wish to do so to understand why it is such an important topic, and how they can start. Verve co hosted at the launch of Shropshire for Good, where they shared their B Corporation journey and some of the changes they had made.


Verve hope to be able to connect with more businesses like themselves and to be part of a network of like minded companies in Shropshire that will help to shape a county that invests back into the community, and into the planet.