Pave Aways donated vital equipment including respirators to the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital to protect staff during the on-going coronavirus outbreak.

They handed over 50 respirators and boxes of hygiene gloves from their stores to the hospital during the crisis.

Pave Aways has a long association with the hospital having completed a number of building projects at the Gobowen hospital including building the new main entrance, its records and archive building, hydropools and the drop-in operating theatres as well as refurbishing wards and more.

They made a decision to close down their sites during the government lockdown to protect the welfare of its staff, sub contractors and suppliers.

Managing Director Steven Owen said: “Having worked on a number of building projects in the healthcare sector and at this hospital in particular, our team has always known the value of the NHS and its staff. At this time, more than any other in recent history, they are continuing to deliver a high level of patient care in unprecedented circumstances.

“It was a small gesture on our behalf but one that we hope will make a difference to these healthcare heroes. We can’t thank them enough for what they are doing.”

Julie Roberts, Assistant Director of Nursing, at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, said: “Thank you to the team at Pave Aways for this extremely kind gesture, which will not only help to support our staff but also protect them and our patients during this challenging time.”

NB  They have now donated our remaining stock of disposable suits, boxes of gloves, tissues and face masks to Hope House & Tŷ Gobaith Hospice.

On their nomination Steve Owen said:

"We are delighted to get this recognition but the true champions in our eyes are those NHS staff and carers who've all been doing their jobs in extremely difficult circumstances recently. We are just pleased to have been able to make a small contribution to helping them stay safe."


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