Website design team praises ‘extraordinary’ boss

The team behind a successful Shropshire web design agency have praised their ‘extraordinary’ boss for going the extra mile to protect their well-being during the coronavirus crisis. 

Employees at Clickingmad based in Bridgnorth, also a Patron Member of Shropshire Chamber said company managing director Shaun Carvill had shown an ‘unwavering’ confidence and loyalty to his staff despite the current challenges facing small businesses.

Speaking on behalf of the team office manager Ivet King said Shaun had gone above and beyond his normal duties as a boss to make sure everyone was managing to cope, both physically and emotionally, under the current strain posed by the government’s lockdown measures.

She said: “Despite Shaun’s own worries about his family in particular his son, who is playing a vital role within the NHS, he has never forgotten about us, his employees, and colleagues.

“Eight weeks ago, well before any official guidelines came out, Shaun asked us all to work from home, to ensure our safety.

“At the same time, he purchased and provided us with all the necessary equipment needed to make sure we could work from home easily and comfortably.

“But more than this, every day without fail, he makes sure that every single one of us is okay. We have a morning video meeting to talk about daily business but, most importantly, he always starts by asking us how we are, how we feel and if there are any worries or concerns.

“Shaun always encourages us to call him individually to talk things over if there are any issues and for this we are all truly thankful. “He has shown an unwavering confidence in us and his business and as a result of this, we feel positive that we will withstand these challenging times.

“We feel incredibly lucky to be able to continue to work every day in such an anxious business climate but we are even more aware of the fact that our boss is so extraordinary.

“We count ourselves lucky and proud to be working for Shaun and we truly hope, when this is over, we can do something for him in return.”

On his nomination as a Chamber Champion, Shaun said:

"Working from home for those who are not used to it can cause problems, both for families and for physical and mental health. I have a fantastic team who work long hours for the benefit of our clients who rely upon our digital skills to maintain their communications and get them ready to ‘bounce back’. I try to do whatever I can to help staff to get through this disruptive time.”