Verve recently announced that they have become a B Corp Business but did you also know that they are also a Climate Neutral Partner? Their business ethos is put back into the planet, not just to take away.


Verve strive as a company to ensure that everything they do is with the planet in mind, from suppliers to the way they conduct business, everything has an ethical thought process and they work to keep their promise of providing active, credible care for the environment.


As a Climate Neutral Company they offset carbon emissions by supporting carbon offset projects. They recently backed the offset project of clean cookstoves in Nyungwe. The CO2 equivalents of 20,600kg. You can find out more about this project here.


The climate offset projects that they support are more than just CO2 savings, they are about development projects for people as well. Helping to achieve clean energy, clean cooking stoves, clean drinking water and light, time for work or school, healthy forests full of healthy animals, all whilst helping to protect our climate.


Carbon offset projects help other people in the world to enjoy better living conditions, in addition to saving greenhouse gas emissions. By supporting these projects Verve offset the carbon emissions that they generate as a business.


Verve hope to continue to build on the work that they do, helping to change the world bit by bit, and supporting more projects as part of that journey.


The company are aiming to embed sustainable climate action into their corporate activity.


You can find out more about becoming a Climate Partner here


To find out more about the Verve ethos and their mission visit the Mission page.