Dulson Training are growing their presence with their Wrexham LGV Class 2 and straight to Class 1training courses.

The official opening of a Wrexham site was in January 2020 focusing on a range of LGV, Car and Trailer, Forklift, ADR and Driver CPC courses. However with the pandemic taking grip of the world Covid restrictions stopped almost all operation from March 2020 until April 2021.

Only small openings and lifting of restrictions allowed for a limited operation during this period. With restrictions easing and a change of training site in April 2021 we where ready to start rebuilding after a false start in 2020.

We decided to make LGV licence acquisition our main focus in Wrexham due to limited driving test availability in the area. We limited car and trailer and PCV courses until we where able to access more driving tests.

During Autumn 2021 the DVSA started to announce some major changes to the LGV licence acquisition and trailer towing laws. These changes included the removal of the B+E car and trailer test completely and the removal of LGV Cat C staging. This means that the Cat C Class 2 can be skipped and car drivers can go straight to the Cat C+E Class 1 course.

The main reason for these changes was to allow more driving tests slots to become available, the examiners can focus on delivering more LGV Cat C+E tests. Another change in November was the removal of the reversing and coupling as part of the DVSA test. These elements are now carried out by the training school, us. The test has been split into 2 parts, Mod 3a (reversing / coupling) and Mod 3b (driving). This change has allowed more tests per day to be carried out by the DVSA examiner moving from 4 tests to 5 tests per day.

If you combine the removal of Cat C staging, splitting the test into 3a (conducted by us) and 3b (conducted by the DVSA) and the removal of the B+E test, availability for tests has significantly increased.

With the increased test capacity we have progressed well in North Wales with more new equipment arriving and more instructors joining our team. Our latest instructor to join the Wrexham training team is Austen who recently passed his NRI LGV Instructor exams with us and will be using our Renault Range T ‘S30 LGV’ for Class 1 driver training and tests in Wrexham. This Class 1 will be joined by another Renault Range T ‘S50 LGV’ at the end of January to help with capacity.

Steve Dulson ‘I am very proud of our entire team, existing and new members of a growing team of instructors are proving their resilience and professionalism in difficult times. Pass rates are excellent and more equipment will be arriving in January to make sure customers can enjoy the flexibility that our other sites in Shrewsbury and Telford offer’

We offer the complete package and will help anyone looking to complete a course with the initial paperwork, medical, DVLA application and theory tests, through to the driver training, 3a and 3b tests and the Driver CPC. With Wrexham located in North Wales we are perfectly located for learners in Chester, Flint, Deeside, Oswestry, Cheshire, North Shropshire and Mid Wales. We have a lot of customers attending our Wrexham site from the North West, Merseyside, Liverpool, Manchester and Stockport

Steve Dulson ‘although our focus in 2021 was simple, to rebuild our LGV training courses in Wrexham after a turbulent year with Covid restrictions we have now built a solid base with Cat C1, Cat C and C+E driver training available. All PCV categories can be covered along with Driver CPC, ADR remote or classroom based and RTITB Forklift and crane training. We look forward to welcoming many new customers in 2022 and beyond’

If you are looking for any driver training, this may be gaining a new licence or refreshing your skills please contact us for more details.

For more information please contact 01978 805868 or visit www.dulsontraining.co.uk