Shropshire’s biggest construction company today urged the new Government to commit to developing in UK infrastructure, including investment in hospitals and schools.

Paul Inions is managing director of McPhillips, which employs more than 240 people in the county and is celebrating 60 years in business in 2024.

Mr Inions said: “Being in business this long means we’ve seen general elections, Prime Ministers and local MPs come and go. But one thing we know for sure is that a change in Government sparks confidence and brings more certainty.

“This is what business needs, particularly in our sector, where investment is often significant and delays expensive.

“We’ve delivered more than 140 projects as principal contractor with a combined value of £300million in the last five years. In that time, we’ve seen supply chains and sub-contractors struggle, the skills gap increase and massive projects, including HS2, pulled with all the knock-on implications clear to see. 

“We need to see Sir Keir Starmer and his new Labour Government commit to its key ambition to deliver a strategic long-term programme of investment in the nation’s “crumbling infrastructure” in the King’s Speech later this month.

“If hitting the ground running means immediate actions to reform the planning regime to increase house building targets, I welcome that, but we also need the infrastructure to support this with hospitals and schools.

“What also can’t be ignored is the need for investment in training of young people to provide them with the skills required. Business can lead this but only with the support of Government.

“We are also hoping the Prime Minister will look at what communities need and who is best placed to help them thrive. Our people here at McPhillips are our most important asset and not one of the 240 people we employ has been unaffected by the rising cost of living, compounding the after-effects of a devasting pandemic.

“We congratulate all our MPs and urge them to work collectively on the challenges we face here. After four years of turbulence brought about by Brexit, Covid and worldwide conflict, I am optimistic for the future and look forward to welcoming our local MPs to our Telford headquarters or to tour one of our latest award-winning projects very soon.”