More now than ever, during this pandemic we have learnt the importance of taking some time out to care for ourselves and to pursue interests that help us to relax.

Wellbeing is such a vital component of being able to thrive at work. With good wellbeing we achieve clarity, direction and inspiration. We have energy, enthusiasm and strive to meet our goals and objectives. Without it our judgement can be clouded, we can lack vitality to pursue what we wish to achieve each day.

High levels of employee wellbeing provide a company with the benefits of innovation, growth and productivity, reducing absenteeism and turnover, increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and the attractiveness of your company to new recruits.

Positive, healthy wellbeing is empowering, brings a call to action and rubs off on those around us, making our culture and workplace feel like an all round better place to be.

Wellbeing applies not just to our physical health but also:

Mental - stress, depression, anxiety and negative behaviours can all affect our state of mind, levels of clarity and decision making

Social - the need to be around and communicate with others

Digital - the amount of time we are engaged with screens and technology

Emotional - the feelings and effect that behaviours and words can have on others

Our environment - working and living environment, and our connection with nature

Financial - forecasting our future and understanding and managing our existing situations

Spiritual - associated with purpose and feelings of peacefulness and fulfillment

Role modelling stress intelligence cascades into the workforce. Owners and managers that have stress awareness - with the knowledge of how to respond to their own and others triggers, and to team members experiencing high levels of stress - can manage people in the best possible way and will have a happy, healthy and productive team.

Leading people with understanding, empathy and clarity will increase the rate at which your business can move with agility, to respond to complex and changing situations to pursue business vision, objectives and goals.

With the right individual self care and lifestyle management promoted by business leaders, the result will be a workforce with more energy and enthusiasm for every day!

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