The past 14 weeks have been both unexpected and a completely new experience for businesses up and down the country and across the entire globe.

Here at Six Ticks we have been doing the best we can to support our clients throughout the challenging period of the COVID-19 Lockdown.

One of the consistent requests we have had is to ensure our clients have Coronavirus Updates on their own websites, guaranteeing their own customers are being kept in the loop. We have also been developing new systems and extending existing systems to enable people to work more efficiently from home. As well as improving existing online presences and moving some businesses to accept bookings and payments online.

During the past few months we have been working alongside Shropshire Partners in Care, culminating in extending their system which currently monitors the number of care home beds available across various care homes in Shropshire. As well as tracking the available beds, the system was also able to track the number of patients who had tested positive for Coronavirus in care homes. These results were fed into the National Statistics for number of cases of Coronavirus across the UK.

The team at Six Ticks have been working throughout the pandemic, each working from home and adapting to the new rules. We have been sharing our tips and experiences on how to manage remote teams, carrying out webinars and giving out tailored advice to our clients on carrying their business through such unprecedented times.

Some businesses currently have more downtime than usual, we are ensuring they use this time to get their websites and apps up to date, helping companies to emerge out of the pandemic thriving and ready for an increase in business.

If you'd like to talk to us about your website needs, just get in touch!