Is Someone You Love Struggling? Are You? If your child is struggling, find out why!

Struggling Students: Studies show that most learning struggles are caused by weak cognitive skills. BrainRx brain training identifies those weak skills, then strengthens them.

High-Achieving Students: Brain training maximizes already strong learning skills. Even children and adults with strong cognitive skills see gains after BrainRx brain training.

College Students: Brain training helps students hit their college years in stride. Strong cognitive skills are foundational to learning at every age, especially in the fast-paced college environment.

Career Adults: Since cognitive skills don’t always “catch up” with time, children who struggle often grow into adults who struggle. Brain training strengthens weak skills at any age.

Senior Adults: When cognitive skills are strong, learning and life are just easier. And because the brain retains the ability to embrace improvements throughout our lives, people of all ages have benefited from BrainRx brain training.

Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI):
While BrainRx does not diagnose or treat TBI, our programs have improved the cognitive performance of people with many diagnoses, including TBI.
Our programmes target and train skills critical for memory, attention, processing speed, logic & reasoning, and more.
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