Chamber member Summerfield Healthcare is encouraging employers and employees to make health a top priority in 2022 – helping to safeguard staff welfare and the productivity of a business.

Ensuring the good health and wellbeing of your workforce has never been more important as more staff return to work after long periods of isolation brought about by anything up to two years of working remotely.

Dr Joe Pearson, Summerfield Healthcare Medical Director, said: “Many people have put their health on hold over the last two years and simply haven’t sought the checks and professional medical guidance they might have done in normal circumstances.

“The situation has been made worse by most of the country working remotely, meaning businesses may have missed any warning signs exhibited by employees, problems that may well have been easier to pick up in the workplace

“At Summerfield Healthcare we are keen to focus on those staff returning to work, the many who have had Covid and raise general awareness about the importance of employees having regular healthchecks – making employee health a priority in 2022.”

Many staff returning to offices have experienced COVID-19 and may still be suffering from the effects of the illness and these staff are a priority for many employers – but annual healthchecks and health assessments aim to talk about health and identify problems at an early stage, to help people of all ages stay well.

Summerfield Healthcare, which has surgeries in Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Cardiff, provides tailor-made individual packages within Well Woman and Well Man services which are specifically designed to ensure men and women can keep their health on track and prevent avoidable illness.

“A Well Man or Well Woman screen, or health MOT, is an in-depth health assessment which helps detect any medical issue at an early stage which provides reassurance and access to prompt treatment,” adds Dr Pearson.

“This can include heart disease, diabetes and screening for the many types of cancer which can affect men and women. Our packages offer a comprehensive range of checks and appointments at a time to suit the individual and the employer.

“A detailed report is quickly available and we ensure there is always enough time during appointments to discuss results and any necessary treatments – something that may not always be available within the NHS due to the immense pressure it is under.

“Our unique situation puts us in the best position to provide referral pathway options, both private and through the NHS, if something is identified which may require prompt attention.

“Worrying about your health can cause great anxiety and if you have any concerns you will want the reassurance of sorting it out quickly. It’s also important for employers to do all they can to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

Regular healthchecks are a simple way of helping to achieve this.”

For more information about Summerfield Healthcare’s Well Woman programme, visit and for more on its Well Man service, visit