All employers have a duty to provide employees with a written statement of the specified terms of employment. In April 2020 a number of employment changes were implemented, but due to the outbreak and subsequent Covid 19 pandemic, some of these changes may have been missed by employers.

In terms of compliance around the legislation, answering these questions may help you understand if your policies and procedures are up to date.

  • Have you reviewed your terms and conditions of employment since April 2020?
  • Do your terms and conditions still reflect your working practices, including home working?
  • Do you understand the difference between an employee, worker and self-employed and what contractual terms support each working relationship?

If the answer is ‘No’ to any of these questions, for a limited time, WR Partners are offering the opportunity for a free review of your existing terms and conditions of employment, after which we can highlight any areas which may leave you exposed.

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