Shropshire Chamber of Commerce chief executive Richard Sheehan said: “The most important thing which businesses always require is certainty. 

“Uncertainty and instability in Government does no favours to the economy, so it is vital that the situation is resolved as swiftly as possible.

"We need senior officials in post who understand the issues that Shropshire companies are facing, and who will support our businesses through these challenging times.

“Hopefully today’s decision by the Prime Minister will finally bring this chapter of political instability to an end.

“We have just published the results of our quarterly business survey, which shows the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China lockdowns and Brexit are all having an impact on business morale and consumer spending in Shropshire, despite UK Covid numbers dropping.

“The Ukraine situation has caused vast price rises in fuel and certain key commodities. These prices are now forcing increases across the board, making inflation rise at an alarming rate and starting to subdue consumer spending.

“Lockdowns in China have meant shortages in a wide range of goods including medicines, while airlines struggle to recruit staff to match demand.

“This highlights why we need a Government in place which is not distracted by in-fighting - action is needed quickly to help business.”